The History of the "Little Red House"

Everyone always asks us about the history of the "Little Red House", the location
of our restaurant, so we wanted to share a little history with you...

 The "Little Red House" is a local landmark.
Originally built in 1895 on the corner of Lighthouse Avenue and 17th Street,
this charming Victorian house with its wraparound porch
was relocated back then to its current location
at Lighthouse Avenue and 19th Street and has been there ever since.
When the house first  arrived on 19th Street in the 1890's,
it sat next to a large lot with Eucalyptus trees,
a property that is now our local post office.
The "Little Red House" was originally a residence.

In 1995, the "Little Red House" , was restored to its original condition. In 1996, we
opened our restaurant, the Red House Cafe, in the main part of the house. A
garden shop opened in the original carriage house and garden area. 
Both of us are still here today.

In 2009, the "Little Red House", home of the Red House Cafe and garden shop,
were featured in an A T&T commercial.
To see the A T & T commercial, go here
We look forward to your visiting us and becoming a part of the "Little Red House" history, too!
See you soon!